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WEF – Circular Economy Briefing (2018)

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This dynamic briefing draws on the collective intelligence of the Forum network to explore the key trends, interconnections and interdependencies between industry, regional and global issues. In the briefing, you will find a visual representation of this topic (Transformation Map – interactive version available online via TopLink), an overview and the key trends affecting it, along with summaries and links to the latest research and analysis on each of the trends. Briefings for countries also include the relevant data from the Forum’s benchmarking indices. The content is continuously updated with the latest thinking of leaders and experts from across the Forum network, and with insights from Forum meetings, projects communities and activities.

The shift from a “take, make and dispose” economic model to a more circular approach, which involves the regenerative use of materials, is gaining ground. The so-called circular economy offers significant opportunities to boost economic growth, job creation, and innovation. Waste to Wealth, a book published by Accenture in 2015, projected that as much as $4.5 trillion in economic value could be created by 2030 by encouraging corporate leaders to “go circular,” and rethink their business models in ways that eliminate waste.This briefing is based on the views of a wide range of experts from the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network and is curated in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.


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