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UNEP – Green Economy Scoping Study for Saint Lucia (2016)

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In 2012, Saint Lucia was among three pilot countries, including Jamaica and Haiti, that were selected under the European Commission-supported regional project entitled “Advancing Caribbean States’ Sustainable Development through Green Economy (ACSSD-GE)”. As part of the regional participation in the project it hosted the 2013 Caribbean Green Economy Conference. At the national level, this project has resulted in the production of this Green Economy Scoping Study. This study examines key levers for greening the economy. It attempts to demonstrate how a green economy may be transitioned through strategic changes in the areas of energy, water, waste and in the agriculture, tourism, construction and manufacturing sectors.

The process of creating this Green Economy Scoping Study has already contributed to a greener future for Saint Lucia. Green economy ideas have been integrated into the draft National Sustainable Development Policy and National Social Protection Policy, as well as the development of the National Energy Transition Strategy. This Green Economy Scoping Study comes at an opportune time. Following the successful Paris Agreement, coming out of the UNFCCC 21st Conference of Parties (COP-21), and the 2030 Agenda for global development enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Saint Lucians and all global citizens are challenged to use their natural resources better and more
sustainably. This is also a time of great opportunity for greening the Saint Lucian economy. The work in the development of their geothermal, wind and solar energy resources and efforts at increasing energy efficiency are catalyzing the positive transformation of their national economy.

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