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UNEP- Caribbean Waste Management Conference: SIDS Approaches to Waste Management And The Circular Economy -2017

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As part of its global action on waste as a resource, UN Environment entered into agreement with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to cooperate on waste management in the Caribbean region, including the organization of a Caribbean Waste Management Conference “SIDS approaches to waste management and the circular economy”(CWM Conference).CWM Conference had multiple purposes. First was to introduce participants to global solid waste agendas and protocols. Second, was to inventory the existing solid waste management systems throughout the Caribbean to assess strengths and weaknesses, and begin establishing a platform for a regional solid waste strategy that fosters an environmentally and financially sustainable solid waste management system. Third, was to create a dialogue about the Circular Economy in the Caribbean region and explore opportunities for island nations to incorporate the Circular Economy principles and characteristics into their waste systems. This dialogue included creating baseline of what individual islands are currently doing with respect to promoting a Circular Economy and how to regionally-scale individual island initiatives

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