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UN – MAPS Missions to SIDS update (2017)

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What is the MAPS approach?

The MAPS (Mainstreaming, Acceleration and Policy Support) is the common approach adopted by the UN Development Group to frame its support for SDG implementation. It aims to help governments mainstream the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs at national and local levels, target resources at root bottlenecks to sustainable development, and make the thematic expertise housed in different UN entities available in an effective and coherent way. Guided by the MAPS approach, integrated policy support missions (MAPS missions) have been conducted since August 2016 in order to support SDG implementation by drawing on expertise from across UN agencies and other partners. These missions support governments in developing a tailored SDG implementation roadmap including by assessing the alignment of the country’s development policy and strategies with the 2030 Agenda and identifying key areas of intervention which can have synergetic effects across multiple goals and targets.

Findings from MAPS mission to SIDS

Different MAPS missions have taken place on SIDS as of September 2017, including: Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Timor Leste, Mauritius, Aruba and Comoros. These countries have or are developing SDG Roadmaps that address their institutional frameworks, financing, partnerships, data ecosystems, and stakeholder and public engagement.

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