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The Aruba SDG Baseline Measurement Report 2018

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This report presents the SDG Baseline Measurement 2018 of the SDG indicators for Aruba. Aruba is committed to implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the local level and has installed an indicator working group as part of the national institutional mechanism to support the SDG implementation process. Coinciding with the installation of a National SDG Commission, a SDG-Indicator Working Group (SDG-IWG) was installed in January 2017 and is a joint effort between different data producing government departments. The main purpose of the SDG-IWG is to support the Central Bureau of Statistics in leading the process of data collection to monitor and evaluate the SDGs and the integration of the SDGs in national policy.

Since its inception, the SDG-IWG embarked on a process of exploring and assessing the availability of the Global SDG  indicators and the production of available SDG indicators for the Baseline measurement 2018 for Aruba. There are many areas in which Aruba already produces the SDG indicators as there is significant data being produced. The main challenge that remains however is addressing the data gaps. By streamlining efforts and with strong collaboration, Aruba can reach its objective of harmonizing its policy agenda and data  system and monitoring its process.

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