Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

World Bank Group – Stocktaking of Engagements with Small States (2016)

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In recent years, small states have taken a collective stand in international fora to highlight the development challenges they face and urge more attention to their concerns. Despite many small states’ natural beauty and reputations as luxurious tourist destinations, an increasing number are affected by extreme weather events, natural disasters, and rising sea levels. Their limited resource base and capacity make it difficult for them to respond. These issues are important to the wider world, as small states face climate-related challenges that others will eventually confront.1 While they are a heterogeneous group, in general small states grapple with a range of similar development challenges which the development community must help them address as part of their commitment to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. At the October 2015 Small States Forum in Lima, Peru, the World Bank committed to take stock of its recent assistance to small states to better inform policy and financing deliberations.

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