Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

PBL – People and the Earth: the SDGs in 23 Infographics (2017)

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This book contains stories of international cooperation required to tackle environmental challenges in 23 infographics, grouped into three sections. The first of which deals with trends in economic, social and environmental development, the global challenges, humanity’s critical dependence on the Earth and the recently formed global visions and agreements about sustainable development. The second section presents examples of how inclusive and green growth strategies can help achieving the SDGs by contributing to sustainable development in the interconnected areas of food, water, energy and land. The last section illustrates how new partnerships are emerging between governments, civil society, cities, businesses, and financial institutions and highlights the collectively undertaken efforts to make the achievement of the SDGs a reality. A book such as this using infographics is not intended to be comprehensive – its ambition is to enlighten and inspire discussions on ways forward.


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