Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (2015) of Tonga

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Climate Change continues to pose irreversible threat to the people of Tonga, its society, livelihoods, and its national environment. The interference to the climate system from human-caused climate change is already affecting Tonga’s development, livelihood of its people and future. The World Risk Report has ranked Tonga as one of the world most at-risk country for natural hazards, and sea level rising.

Tonga makes a negligible contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions, with low per capita emissions of 2.95 tCO2e whilst notably; the increasing frequency of strong destructive tropical cyclones has affected Tonga’s development with damages on average costing 20 percent of GDP. Extensive coastal erosions across the Kingdom has prompted Government to direct over 30 percent of mobilized development assistance to address it during the last six years, and lack of climate proofing investments further risks Government’s poverty alleviation commitments and national development.

Irreversible loss and damage from extreme weather events and coastal erosions are critical areas whereby national response are limited influencing the designed national contributions through reducing emission and also on creative smart resilience investments.


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