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Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (2015) of The Bahamas

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The vulnerability of The Bahamas to the impacts of climate change is well known given its geographical vulnerabilities (limited land masses, low-relief and dispersion of islands), environmental vulnerabilities (high temperatures, storm surges, sea level rise, flooding, tropical cyclones and non-tropical processes), the concentration of socio-economic activities and critical infrastructure in narrow coastal zones, its dependence on tourism and the limited human and institutional capacity. The Bahamas is also highly dependent on the imports of fossil fuels for energy needs which places a heavy burden on its economies as a result of the vagaries of global petroleum prices. Based on the available scientific consensus we can expect more frequent and intense impacts over time.

It is within this context that The Bahamas is expected to adapt to the impacts of climate change while at the same time pursue a low carbon pathway in conformity to growing international and public pressure for environmentally friendly development that reduces their “carbon footprint” and exposure to climate change, while also increasing energy security.


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