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Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (2015) of Niue

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Niue’s future is imperilled by the effects of climate change for which it bears absolutely no responsibility. Niue faces severe events and slow onset events from changes to the climate system caused by others.

Niue believes that loss and damage must be addressed in a sustainable and consistent manner to highlight its significance and relevance in climate change, especially in developing countries. It is beyond Niue’s national measures to address loss and damage alone from climate change. Building on the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) position, Niue is calling for loss and damage to be included as a separate element of the 2015 Paris Agreement, an element that should be distinct from adaptation.

Against a high climate risk backdrop, the objective of Niue’s National Strategic Plan is to build a sustainable future that meets our economic and social needs while preserving environmental integrity, social stability, and the Niue culture. Much of the time and capacity of our small public service is put to devise and implement plans to build climate resilience and enhance our disaster preparedness. Donor support is critical to these efforts.

While Niue’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions is negligible (less than 0.0001%), and Niue is a net sink given the growth of our forests, nevertheless we are taking steps to reduce our emissions, in particular in the energy sector. The Niue Strategic Energy Road Map (NiSERM) 2015-2025 outlines Niue’s aspiration to meet 80% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources by 2025, which would in turn reduce the country’s high reliance on imported fossil fuel. Part of this goal can be achieved through national resources and identified assistance, but achieving such high levels of electricity from renewables (from around 2% today) is very ambitious and will need considerable contributions of financial and capacity support from our partners.


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