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Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (2015) of Dominican Republic

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The vision of the Dominican Republic for 2030 states that:

“The Dominican Republic is a prosperous country, where people live with dignity, attached to ethical values and in the context of a participatory democracy that guarantees the social and democratic rule of law and promotes equity, equal opportunities, and social justice, and that manages and uses its resources to develop in an innovative, sustainable and territorially balanced and integrated way, competitively inserted into the global economy.”

For the realization of this vision, the 2030 National Development Strategy (NDS) articulates public policy in several key areas of development. This strategy promotes the transformation of society to a culture of sustainable production and consumption, which manages risks with equity and efficiency, protection of the environment and natural resources, and promoting adequate climate change adaptation. This is a huge challenge given national circumstances, territorial conditions and environmental features that add to and exacerbate the challenges imposed by climate change.


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