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ECLAC – The Caribbean Outlook (2018)

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This  is the first issue of The Caribbean Outlook, a report prepared by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) subregional headquarters for the Caribbean with the support of the ECLAC Division for Economic Development, and an attempt to address the principal development challenges faced by the peoples of the subregion. It seeks to articulate, in a comprehensive manner, the challenges of the subregion and to identify opportunities for collaboration to help fulfill the subregional development agenda. A vision of what is not only possible, but attainable, for the Caribbean subregion inspires The Caribbean Outlook. It not only outlines some of the subregion’s main challenges but, importantly, posits a future to be attained through a holistic and forward-looking response to these challenges. It is in this context that it identifies the pursuit of economic opportunities in emerging and new areas such as value chain participation, and the development of the blue economy and creative industries as subregional priorities.

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