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Blue Solutions – Strengthening Caribbean fisherfolk (2017)

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Throughout the Caribbean, more than 182,000 people are directly and indirectly employed in the fisheries sector. Small-scale fisheries are vital to local economies, and ensure food security and good nutrition. Today, fishers are facing variouschallenges: marginalisation, diminishing access to fish, ocean grabbing by powerful interests and climate change. Furthermore, they are often excluded from active participation in the management of the very marine resources their livelihoods depend on.

To address these issues, the Caribbean Network of Fisherfolk Organisations (CNFO) was founded in 2007. It aims to improve fishers’ quality of life and develop a sustainable and profitable fishing industry through networking, representation and capacity building. The CNFO developed an integrated fisheries governance approach that involves small-scale fishers in the region, promotes their participation in fisheries management processes and allows for the inclusion of fishers’ knowledge, experience and interest into fisheries policy and law. The CNFO is now active in fisheries governance at local, regional and global levels.


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