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Blue Solutions – Participatory vulnerability assessments (2017)

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In the Caribbean, responses to climate change impacts have been sought mainly at the policy level, with few specific actions to build resilience at the landscape or site level. Local traditional knowledge must be considered in order to »climate proof« key sectors such as tourism and agriculture, and communities engaged to implement policies on the ground. In the absence of location-specific scientific data, insights from diverse stakeholders can provide sound information to advise land use development planning.

The solution uses Information Communication Tools to effectively engage residents of Tobago. It captures their inputs regarding site-based vulnerabilities and helps to identify those needs and opportunities which can increase the community’s resilience to climate change. Stakeholders produce an impressive three-dimensional model of the island, depicting sites and resources that are at risk, analysing impacts on people and crafting simple yet effective solutions to specific local problems.

Participatory tools such as three-dimensional modeling and video bring crucial local knowledge into decision-making while increasing community capacity, cross-sectoral coordination and collaboration for joint action on climate change.


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