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Blue Solutions – Nasoata island co-management (2016)

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Nasoata Island in Fiji belongs to the people of Nakorovou village. It was in 1970 when the villagers bought back the island that, during colonial times, belonged to coconut plantation owners. Today, people living on the island do not have to fight colonisers, but people from outside who access the island illegally and poach its resources in an unsustainable way.

Nasoata Island’s co-management is a solution that bridges biodiversity con-servation and fishing rights through an effective management framework.

It was developed in a consultative process, bringing together different stake-holders from the national, provincial and local level. The solution considers traditional fishing rights, modern monitoring and law enforcement techniques.

The management plan will enhance the chances of Nasoata being chosen as the second Ramsar site in Fiji, meaning that it might become a certified Wetland of International Importance. The application is on-going.


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