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Blue Solutions – At the water’s edge: enhancing coastal resilience in Grenada (2017)

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Grenada is heavily dependent on limited natural resources to support three of their primary sectors: tourism, agriculture and fishing. Like other small island nations in the Eastern Caribbean and beyond, Grenada is on the front lines of climate change. It is already experiencing hotter temperatures, more frequent and intense storms, flooding, rising sea levels and degraded coral reefs, which in turn threaten lives, property, food, fresh water, livelihoods and overall economic stability.

Faced with these urgent matters, decision makers must make choices that will save lives today and improve livelihoods into the future. This solution addresses the problem of climate change impacts such as increased coastal erosion threatening coastal communities. The project builds social and ecological resilience with strong community engagement. Implemented solutions include the installation of artificial reef structures to attenuate wave energy, restoration of coastal vegetation and community resilience planning.

Source: https://bluesolutions.info/images/Blue-Solutions-from-Latin-America-the-Wider-Caribbean-2015_2nd-edition.pdf

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